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GUARDIANS OF THE SEA Go strawless CAMPAIGN JOIN US!! This campaign is helping to keep plastic straws out of our oceans and waterways. Sign your establishment up for the pledge and make the pledge yourself!
Participating Establishments Beaufort County Go Strawless Campaign:
what do we get for participating? good press and swag! By participating in the Go Strawless Campaign, your business will be aligned with the Guardians of the Sea brand. When your restaurant signs up to participate in the Strawless Summer, we will give you a window decal and take a photo of your establishment to be posted on social media. Website & Social Media: We plan to use our reach to promote your restaurant to our followers. Your restaurant will be placed on the interactive map on our website, which will link directly to your website & menu. Window Decal: Guardians of the Sea will provide you with a peel-off window decal that states you are participating in the 2018 Strawless Summer, and if desired, we will also provide you with literature to answer questions. Local Media: Additional articles and press releases about the Strawless Summer 2018 participants will be completed as time and availability allow. Chapter Loyalty: Our chapter is always looking for places to host meetings and events, so restaurants who are making strides towards preventing plastic pollution on our fragile coast line will always be given priority. where do we get eco-friendly products? a representative will contact you after you sign the petition to provide a list of eco-manufacturing companies.
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