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Saving our environment

takes all of us.


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Programs and Initiatives

  • School Programs

    Gifted and talented after school Art program

    In selective schools I’ve been discussing recycled plastic art with the students.


    We created art with plastic and other recycled products. We want to ensure that all endangered species survive at least one more generation. Our objective with this program is to educate students about the impacts of plastic, plastic pollution, and recycling.


    We are dedicated to the preservation of endangered species and our environment.


    Meet Blue Mona The Humpback Whale

    We have been advocating marine debris and Mona has been with us on the journey to help ban the single use of plastic bags in Beaufort County, SC. We’ve had her on the hood of our vehicle and visiting schools.


    Mona is a representative of hope, curiosity and to embrace our ocean instead of harming it.  We would love for this whale to inspire and educate the children on marine debris and animal captivity.

  • Initiatives

    Stop sucking

    We are currently working on a Beaufort County, South Carolina Strawless Summer for 2019. We have to appeal to the city council and request for this ordinance to be passed for the Summer of 2019. Serg Corporation is behind the Initiative.


    non-recyclable plastic caps initiative

    Elementary school students are doing art projects using non-recyclable plastic (water bottle caps, peanut butter lids, orange juice lids etc.,) We’re going to be using the caps/lids to form an Ocean Sunset.


    Coastal drilling

    In February 2018, hundreds of South Carolinians rallied in Columbia to oppose the Trump Administration’s plans to open South Carolina – and nearly all of America’s coastline – up to offshore oil and gas drilling. A bipartisan group of local, state and federal leaders, and our Governor, have spoken out: Don’t drill South Carolina.

    The comment deadline is tomorrow. This is your chance to tell the Administration to remove South Carolina from its Draft Proposed Program, if you haven’t already. You can review the proposal and comment here.


    Ditch the shampoo/conditioner plastic bottle

    We’ve been working on ban the plastic for sometime now.  We were discussing plastic shampoo/conditioner bottles.  Bar shampoo typically has a bad smell or the residue left in the hair leaves it drab and dull. Then we looked into #lushcosmetics.

    Beside the smell of aroma heaven, it produces a good amount of suds. This product is amazing. Check out @palmettoceanconservancy for updates on living an eco friendly lifestyle.  Let’s get together and ditch the plastic.  This is definitely an alternative.


  • Petitions


    We use 500 million plastic straws every day in the US—enough to wrap around the earth 2.5 times. If we don’t solve our plastic pollution, by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. One easy way to reduce single-use plastic pollution is to say no to plastic straws!

Plastic bags are evil.

Plastic straws are worse.

Saving our environment

takes all of us.

Guardians of the sea.

Making our community a better place.



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Guardians of the Sea

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